1. arxiv-logo.jpeg
    Output-sensitive Computation of Generalized Persistence Diagrams for 2-filtrations
    Dmitriy Morozov, and Amit Patel
  2. arxiv-logo.jpeg
    Möbius Homology
    Amit Patel, and Primoz Skraba


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    Edit Distance and Persistence Diagrams over Lattices
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  2. arxiv-logo.jpeg
    Poincaré Duality for Generalized Persistence Diagrams of (co)Filtrations
    Amit Patel, and Tatum Rask
  3. arxiv-logo.jpeg
    Persistent Homology Transform Cosheaf
    Brittany Terese Fasy, and Amit Patel


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    Persistent local systems
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    The Stability of the Apparent Contour of an Orientable 2-Manifold
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